"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be fulfilled."

Elmer Robert Keach III

Welcome to the website of Attorney Elmer Robert Keach, III. In the ten years that Attorney Keach has practiced in Upstate New York and throughout the Northeast, he has established a reputation as a hard working, successful champion of the people, and has demonstrated a record of accomplishment on behalf of his clients that is unparalleled.

Attorney Keach's practice focuses on civil rights, consumer fraud, criminal defense and class action litigation. Attorney Keach has successfully litigated all manner of civil rights claims, including unreasonable search claims, false arrest claims, freedom of speech and religion claims, excessive force and inadequate medical care. He has represented all manner of civil rights litigants, including teachers, students, police officers, sheriffs' deputies, municipal employees, arrestees, and incarcerated individuals. Attorney Keach has also represented individuals who have been injured by the negligence of another or defective products, and individuals who have been the victim of consumer fraud.

Attorney Keach has served as counsel in over twenty class actions addressing defective products and civil rights issues, especially strip searches. His recent successes include a $ 7.5 million class action settlement against Camden County, New Jersey, a $4.5 million class action settlement against Cumberland County, New Jersey, and a $5.9 million class action settlement against the City of Philadelphia. These cases, and several other individual civil rights cases, have been extensively covered in both the New York Law Journal and the New Jersey Law Journal.

Attorney Keach has prided himself on taking the cause of justice, sometimes in the face of difficult odds, against those who would try to oppose it.

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