Individual Cases

 Corrections Misconduct:


Confidential    Martin v. Correctional Medical Care (2016)

Deliberate indifference to Leg Injury at Oneida County Jail

Confidential    Chase v. Correctional Medical Care (2016)

Death of Nicole Carmen at Schenectady County Jail

$115,000    Staley v. County of Montgomery (2016)

Negligence and ADA Violation at Montgomery County Jail

$430,000    Haag-Morris v. Correctional Medical Care (2015)

Death of Frederick Haag at Tioga County Jail

$3,500,000    Thompson v. State of New York (2013)

Death of Darryl Thompson at Tryon Residential Facility

AP Article

$500,000    Gabriel v. County of Herkimer

Death of Michael DiCamillo at Herkimer County Jail

Utica Observer Dispatch

$350,000    John Doe v. Village of Saint Johnsville

Jury verdict; Police Chief Revealed Identity of Minor who was a Victim of a Sex Crime